What You'll Learn

You'll Learn:

  1. Three Principles that any leader can implement to help them transform their team(s) into highly productive and engaged (Flourishing) engines of growth.
  2. The use of scenario planning as a mechanism to envision how to mentor and lead your team into and through unprecedented time with a new lens.
  3. Framing and executing a recurring loop of learning of ideate, test, iterate, learn, implement - much like the Agile method used for modern software development.
  4. Direct actions you can take to help your team drive and own outcomes, like an owner.
  5. Why leaders - in the face of the people age - still don't know how to lead their teams into tomorrow's future.

Author Geoff Tuff sums it up nicely:

"The world is becoming harder and harder to predict [and navigate]; uncertainty abounds... While uncertainty has always been with us, it has snapped us into focus with [a new workforce] and technological advances. Human beings are naturally wired to "wait and see" ... but it is the exact opposite of what is required to thrive in uncertainty."

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