First - Pick Something Small

Watch! Proceed with a slowness. Pick something to solve - a real problem facing the team or the organization. Open it up to the team. Ask them to solve for it. Allow unconventional approaches and solutions while mitigating the fear of non-traditional emergence. Let the system open up in a microcosm, explore solutions, and test it. Like Toyota, allow the team to notice things that aren’t right, allow them to speak to it and notify the system, and then solve for the problem. 

Leaders typically want to go in and invoke immediate change and demonstrate movement. I get that, but be aware that it usually just generates noise with no lasting, meaningful impact. I suggest that 1) you break down the fear of consequence and instill trust, 2) create interconnections within the team that reverberate like the spider's web at all interactions, and finally 3) build autonomous teams that innovate and create based on the needs of the business and then find ways to hold them accountable to those innovations. We need to break down the assembly line mentality and the fear of failure so that you can lift the shadow of the heavy hand of corporate consequence. Open up the system by learning how to surf.

Complete and Continue