My TEDx Talk and What I Do

Watch my TEDx Talk where I set the stage for what you are about to learn. This will help lay the foundation for this entire course and my entire mission.

My One Sentence Descriptor: I help leaders unleash potential so their teams and organizations can flourish 

Here is what I do: I bring together 21st Century Minded Leaders leaders of teams and organizations from non-profits, to start-ups, to mom and pop shops, to global enterprises and I teach them how to unleash the potential in the teams they lead SO THAT they can find, keep, and grow the best people and the best teams in their industry while increasing the bottom line.

Welcome to the ""21st Century Leadership"" course where we focus on developing leaders who can effectively bring together teams and organizations of all sizes and types. In this course, we will explore the skills and strategies needed to unleash the potential in the teams you lead. Whether you are in charge of a non-profit, a start-up, a small family business, or a multinational corporation, the principles of 21st-century leadership apply across the board. By honing these skills, you will be able to find, retain, and cultivate the best people and teams in your industry.

One of the key aspects of 21st-century leadership is the ability to attract and retain top talent. In today's competitive job market, skilled professionals have their pick of employers, making it essential for leaders to create environments where employees feel valued, challenged, and supported. By learning how to cultivate a positive and inclusive workplace culture, you can empower your team members to do their best work and stay committed to your organization in the long term.

Furthermore, effective leadership in the 21st century is not just about people management; it also involves driving results and achieving business objectives. Leaders need to be able to inspire their teams to perform at their peak while also keeping a sharp focus on the bottom line. By mastering the art of setting clear goals, providing constructive feedback, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, you can position your team for success and drive unparalleled growth and success in your industry.

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